> Who am I?

Deep ontological question, but let's go with the short answer: my name's Ridam Rahman. I'm your friendly neighbourhood game programmer, with a dark past as a web developer.

Here's a bunch of stuff I've made, hope you like it.



I'm quite proficient with the most important languages, such as C++, C# and Java, but I'm good with Python and Scala as well. I'm also quite familiar with most programming paradigms and patterns. Last but not least, I've also worked with web frameworks, such as Angular and Ionic.

Game Engines

I've got experience in developing games using the most well known 3D engines, in particular Unity and Unreal Engine. I've also built basic game engines through pure DirectX and SFML.

Problem Solving

I love finding solutions to tough problems. Whether the problem is real or virtual, I love overcoming challenges for fun.


In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing novels and short stories. I've honed such skills through a dedicated passion for popular culture and entertainment.


MSc in Computer Games Technology

Unlocked in 2020, at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. This institution has been ranked as the best university for video game related degrees in Europe . I know, weird flex.

The core modules I've studied are Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Game Design and Development, Advanced Procedural Methods and Network Game Development. I've graduated with a thesis on "Using Generative Adversarial Networks for Content Generation in Games", with the support of Microsoft.

BSc in Computer Science

Unlocked in 2018, at Sapienza University of Rome, in Italy, after three fantastic years. The future has passed here.

The core modules I've studied in this course are Fundamentals of Programming, Logic for Computer Science, Digital Electronics, Algorithms, Differential Calculus, Computer Architecture, Programming Paradigms, Operative Systems, Data Bases, Algebra, Computer Networks, Parallel and Functional Programming, Human Machine Interaction, Software Engineering and last but not least, Automata, Complexity and Calculability. I've graduated with a thesis on "QuBE - The Quiz Battle Editor: An environment for educational game development".

High School Diploma

Unlocked this in 2014, at the Isacco Newton High School in Rome, Italy. I'm mentioning this place 'cause I've been through Latin and Philosophy as a teenager, beside studying your classic Physics, Maths, History, Literature, Chemistry, Astronomy and History of Art. It is the place where I've learned the value of being an undecisive jack of all trades... and a good human being.

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